February 6, the Sami national day, is an official flag day in Norway. Flag regulations in Norway stipulates that the Sami flag, if hoisted on official Norwegian flag days, will fly next to the Norwegian flag. The Sami flag has enjoyed official status in Norway since 2003.

The national day of the Sami people has been celebrated since 1993 on February 6 because of the fact that the first Sami national convention took place on that date in 1917 in the Methodist Church in Trondheim, Norway. The Sami live in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

The Sami flag was adopted on 15 August 1986 by the Sami Conference in Åre, Sweden. The flag was designed by Astrid Båhl, a Norwegian Sami artist. The circle in the flag alludes to the Sami people as “sons and daughters of the Sun”. The Sami national colours – blue, red, yellow and green – are known from the gákti, traditional Sami dress.

In 2003, the Sami flag was officially recognised by the Norwegian parliament, Stortinget. By law, municipal authorities in Norway may fly the Sami flag as an official flag. Also in 2003, the national day of the Sami people became an official Norwegian flag day.

So, since 6 February 2004, the Norwegian flag flies on the Sami national day. According to regulations for the use of the Sami flag, adopted by the Sami parliament of Norway, Sametinget, the Sami flag will be placed next to the Norwegian flag if it is hoisted on an official Norwegian flag day.